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Current Version: 1.2.037
Last Updated: February 16, 2018


Download cXML Version 1.2.037 Here.


Latest Release Notes
This HTML document describes changes to the cXML protocol after cXML 1.1 was published.
Release Notes

User’s Guide in PDF Format
This document describes how to use cXML 1.2.037 (commerce eXtensible Markup Language) for communication of data related to electronic commerce. This document is intended for programmers designing cXML-enabled applications. It contains all the information you need to implement any of the supported transactions from either the client or the server system perspective (with an emphasis toward suppliers that are modifying their e-commerce Websites for PunchOut). Both the protocol interactions and business documents contained in the transactions are discussed in depth.
cXML 1.2.037 User's Guide

Complete downloads (ZIP format)
These files contain the above documentation file as well as the DTD, constituent files of the DTD and numerous examples. The Fulfill.zip portion of this document set concentrates on the transactions provided by the separate Fulfill.dtd file (Confirmation Request and Ship Notice Request) added in version 1.2.001. The InvoiceDetail.zip portion concentrates on the separate InvoiceDetail.dtd file (the new Invoice Detail Request) added in version 1.2.006. The Catalog.zip portion concentrates on the separate Catalog.dtd file added in version 1.2.008.

cXML 1.2.037
(700 kB)
Fulfill.zip (500 kB)
InvoiceDetail.zip (450 kB)